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We welcome you to Ambush Digital Marketing our aim is to deliver business changing result for our ambitious clients.

With Ambush digital marketing you are in good hands when it comes to your marketing
strategy. Our dedicated team share a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry to drive tangible value to your business, bringing you a return on your investments.

Digital Marketing

We digitally target your audience, using conversion analytics and google ads designed and tailored to get you the attention required. We track your website traffic and gently pursue visitors with your personalised advertisement with a call to action. There are many strategies to digital marketing and we do our best to make sure our clients have a bespoke campaign that’s tailored to there business that is fitting for there industry.


Commercial video advertisement are highly recommended to capture your market audience and cause interactions with engagement. Video commercials are proven to engage better than images. We form specialised interactions through commercial vlogs for a bespoke made commercial to grab your viewers’ attention and catapult your business or service in the right direction. Giving you good content for your business to promote.


We see to it that all content you have for digital purposes is advertised through the right platforms to reach your audience in the right way. So whether it be a commercial footage, blogs, website, newsletters, posters or any other content covered within the digital marketing sector be sure to know it is taken care of and presented in a strategic way.


We build your website with full a development package accomponied with a search engine optimisation strategy. We will optimise and submit your website in the major search engines to obtain as highest position as possible especially in google. We will carry out a continual improvement programme and monitor your key phrase positions regularly to ensure you get the best return on you investment.


In order to have precise content we carefully analyse your industry and create to teach about your service with expertise . Our team skilfully analyse your industry to produce the best in your interest. Our creators have the ability to empathise with your potential clients putting us in an advantage to create content relevant articles for all your marketing purposes to be efficient and effective.


Our social media management aims to continuously run your online social media diligently promoting your daily activities and portraying your services with expertise. With all the hassle of daily life maintaining engagement with followers and visitors is often the last thing on the list of things to do. We make it easy for you to have a dominating presence on all relevant social media platforms.


Having the right branding and packaging is paramount to getting noticed by your clients and potential customers. If your packaging is right, it has much more of a chance of being noticed and taken more solemnly. Our team has years of experience in creating graphical designs and brands that fit your product service to the image you wish to portrait.

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