Sales Consultancy

“Ambush sales and marketing are passionate about sales representatives being confident and enthusiastic."

If you already have a sales team Ambush Sales consultancy can assist you by training your sales team. The aim of this is to give your team confidence, skills and abilities to be the best in their sector.

Sales consultancy

Having a well motivated, thoroughly equipped and confident sales workforce will drive better results for business. We work closely with in house sales teams providing them with tools and understanding needed to deliver results in a challenging and competitive climate and environment. Our sales training at Ambush sale and marketing offers one to one and team training support for existing and new businesses that will involve improving the sales skills of your business making it all it needs to be to get the results you desire.

What are the benefits?

Our sales training workshops cover a wide range of topics in order to impart relevant sales knowledge and understanding that will allow sales representatives to thrive. Our workshops are designed to motivate, build confidence, develop skills, and know how, to get the job done with excellence. With more confidence in your sales team you will see significant improvement in sales results for your establishment. There is no greater investment one can make for those working on their behalf then making sure they are well and fully equipped for the tasks they face. Ambush sales consultancy see to it that your team have the tools needed to thrive.


Strategies of sales

Our workshops are designed to teach and give understanding on the different strategies of sales.

Understanding the process of a sale

We see to it that your team have the tools needed to handle the process of a sale giving sales representatives more of a professional approach.




The right sales mindset

We equip sales men and women with the mindset required to be professional and effective in there field.

Attribute of an effective sales Representative

Our sales training workshop cover a vast range of topics to truly teach and impart knowledge that will allow sales representatives to thrive.

Creating and Identifying leads for your sector

Our workshops are designed to teach sales representatives to create and establish successful leads.

How to negotiate a deal

We make sure your team has the skills needed to negotiate deals and put together effectective proposals.

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